This social anxiety tee is one of our favorites- some t-shirts are just clothes, and some are your soul shirts. If you're socially anxious and avoidant in general -and maybe a little sarcastic- this is bound to become one of yours. Maybe just wear it inside unless you're having a people-y sort of day. Because what if somebody calls your bluff and actually asks about your social anxiety? Nobody wants that horrorshow to happen.


You can also advertise you social anxiety with a cozy sweatshirt version of this design here. 


"Ask Me About my Social Anxiety" T-Shirt - Mens/Unisex 100% Cotton

  • Body Fit: Check out the size chart found in the product photos for measurements. This is a modern fit unisex tee- more fitted than a boxier unisex, but flattering on most body types. Runs true to size.


    Fabric Content & Weight: 100% Cotton (some colors may vary slightly in content) and perfectly lightweight at 4.2 oz yd².