Unisex "Awkward is my Specialty" Awkward T-Shirt


Isn’t it nice to be, just, REALLY good at something? Knowing that you have special skills fills you with the confidence to go out there and take on the world. So what if the thing you’re best at happens to be bringing an impressive level of awkwardness into every interaction you have? At least you’re never boring, and that’s more than a lot of people can say. Embrace your awkward with this “Awkward is my Specialty” graphic t-shirt, exclusively from Worthling. 


The best thing about this super socially awkward shirt? It acts as a pretty effective people filter. If they’re not into awkward, they may just leave you alone…  and if they are, you may just make a friend. Everyone wins. (except the people who don’t enjoy awkwardness, because they suuuuuuck.)


This weird eyeball design is also available here in a cozily awkward sweatshirt.


Unisex "Awkward is my Specialty" Awkward T-Shirt

  • Body Fit: Check out the size chart found in the product photos for measurements. This is a modern fit unisex tee- more fitted than a boxier unisex, but flattering on most body types. Runs true to size.


    Fabric Content & Weight: 100% Cotton (some colors may vary slightly in content) and perfectly lightweight at 4.2 oz yd².