Don’t Tread on Me Uterus Shirt  - Unisex


This hand-drawn uterus "Don't Tread on Me" design blows a big fat forked-tongued raspberry at the traditional version used by gun-nuts across the US. Your guns get rights that women's bodies don't? Nope. We're not gonna let that happen. 


Pussy grabs back, womxn & non-binary people fight back, and feminists talk back - everywhere our rights are being trampled or whittled away.


Inclusivity Note: We realize that not all disadvantaged sexualities are represented by the image of a badass snake uterus, and are working on a more inclusive badass snake design to add to our collection. Check back soon!


About the Art: This feminist uterus version of the right-wing “Don’t Tread on Me” flag was inspired by a concept by artist Anne Lesniak. Here’s link to Anne’s artist shop on Society 6 if you’d like to support the artist who inspired our variation of many the “snake-as-uterus” concepts you'll find online.

Don’t Tread on Me Uterus Shirt - Feminist Gadsden Design