Hope for the Best but Prepare for a Dystopian Nightmare - Dystopia Shirt


It’s okay to be positive… positivity is good! Hope for all the good things, kiss all the puppies, enjoy the sunshine… but maybe also prepare yourself for the potentially imminent demise of civilization as we know it? You know, like most positive people do. Bye bye, Earth, sorry we treated you like a dumpster! xoxoxo!


This is the t-shirt you wear when you’re feeling down, but kind of feeling okay about it. Or when you’re feeling good, but kind of feeling like crap about it. Life is complicated, and so are your perfectly normal human feelings here at the beginning of the end times (maybe). You’re not alone. But you ARE wearing the coolest t-shirt, and you might be alone in that one way, which isn’t such a bad thing.


This exclusive tee comes in a vintage, sort of boy-style fit, and runs small. Please check our fit & fabric info section (over there ----->) as well as the size chart to ensure you get the right size. 


Hope for the Best Women's Dystopia Shirt

  • Body fit: Check out the size chart found in the product photos for measurements. This boy-style tee is a bit longer than a standard womens-fit tee, and not as tapered at the waist, but the bust and hip are much slimmer than a unisex tee (but roomier than an actual boys’ tee, of course). This tee runs small.


    Sleeve fit. The sleeves on this t-shirt are more petite than a traditional/unisex tee, but with more of a classic shape (not shorter/more capped-style like most womens tees). They tend to hit just the right length for a casual shrunken/vintage fit without the need to roll, which is why we love them.


    Warning: this shirt runs small, so size up if you’re on the fence, and size up a couple sizes if you want more room. Be sure to check out the measurements in our size chart (in the product photos) to make sure you get the right fit. Want a looser tee or these measurements don’t work for you? All of our womens-fit tees are available in roomier unisex sizing as well. Check the product description for a link to this design in Unisex.


    Fabric Content & Weight: 100% Cotton (some colors may vary slightly in content) and perfectly vintage-light (but not “how the hell do I wear a bra with this?” light) at 4.3 oz yd².