If you're lucky, your "probably whiskey" enamel mug is full of... yep, whiskey. Otherwise, it's just... what? Like, tea or something? Laaaaame.

Probably Whiskey Camp Mug

SKU: EBS16-125
  • These 16 oz camping mugs are made from a light enamel-coated steel. They are lightweight and but super sturdy, with a folded stainless steel rim. This mug will last forever- it’s lighter than our other enamel mugs but also less likely to chip. Toss these into a bag to take on a picnic, or take camping and abuse liberally. They're good for sneaky cups of wine or whiskey wherever you happen to be.


    Each mug is individually printed in our Tacoma, Washington studio. Mugs may have small flaws and variations in the enamel coating which are intended to add to individual character and vintage patina of your mug. Be prepared for some small imperfections.