"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." It’s a damned shame that some of those steps aren’t going to be taken with RBG at our side, but she’s done enough. She cleared the path. Now we can follow it and make her proud, one step at a time, every single day. Even when the path rugged and overgrown with patriarchy and we have to bust our asses to make any movement forward, we won’t stop.


The real humans behind Worthling are crushed to say goodby the Ruth Bade Ginsburg. But our crushed hearts still beat and our sad feet still march.


This is the part in a product description where we put some sales-y thing like “celebrate RGB with our awesome mugs!” But not here, not today. Just honor her with how you vote and how you live and how you fight; mug or no. And we will, too.


We’ll miss you always, Forever Supreme RGB, but don’t you worry. Go and enjoy your afterlife.


You taught us well. We got this. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mug - RBG Memorial Coffee Cup

SKU: EBK-12-0146
  • These 12 oz camping mugs are made from a sturdy enamel-coated steel. They are heavy (for enamelware mugs-- still lighter than ceramic), smooth, wonderful to drink from, and last forever. Toss these into a bag to take on a picnic, or take camping and abuse liberally. They're good for sneaky cups of wine or whiskey wherever you happen to be.


    Each mug is individually printed in our Tacoma, Washington studio. Mugs may have small flaws and variations in the enamel coating which are intended to add to individual character and vintage patina of your mug. Be prepared for some small imperfections.