ADHD provides life with so many fun ironic twists! Such as needing dopamine to do things, but getting dopamine from… doing things. Like, what? No fair, brain. So we just do nothing and hope it all works out (spoiler: it generally doesn’t).


This soft and cozy Will Work for Dopamine hoodie is a fun celebration of all things ADHD and all things dopamine. It’s a tricky molecule for us ADHDers and we may have a complex relationship with it, but you neruotypicals go ahead and enjoy yours. Must be nice. 


Will Work for Dopamine ADHD Hoodie

  • Body Fit: Check out the size chart found in the product photos for measurements. This is a modern fit unisex crewneck pullover sweatshirt- will generally a standard fit on larger bodies, and a more oversize fit on smaller bodies. Runs true to size.


    Fabric Content & Weight: This cozy hoodie is a 50/50 Cotton-Poly mix (some colors may vary slightly in content) and medium-thick and warm but breathable. 8oz yd² fabric weight.